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I was born in 1985, that means that I grew up beside the home computer. My parents are of the generation that saw the huge, simple computers turn into smaller and more compact instruments. I got to learn from them as they gained a sort of consciousness with the emergence of the all mighty ‘operating system’. I think, like many people of my generation, that we take our ease of navigation on these magical machines for granted. But the question always plagues me, what kind of organic technology is my life? How can I understand it better by understanding computers and technology? These questions formed when I was a teen. It was because at that time I channeled this; Life is like a video game, every time you move against your inner wisdom it’s like ‘dying’, it sets you back. In order to learn the most from this video game you must use what you came with.’ Of course I had no idea what this meant and did my teen age routine of lighting up a smoke to ponder this newly acquired advice. Maybe I still don’t truly know how to implement this into my life but as I understand it, what I came with had nothing to do with anything I could put onto my body or hold in my hand. I think we are all born with amazing things inside of us that are just screaming to be let out. I have always run away from my brilliance, putting up with people and situations in my life as if I just had to settle for anything I could get. It has taken me many wrong turns towards what I ‘should’ do, or I was ‘told’ to do it this way before I realized that creating a life that would make me happy only requires me to become the amazing person inside of me, little by little, day by day, just like the growth of a vine. I have learned and am continuing to learm that making a life that makes me happy means that I need to practice such things as honesty, responsibility, compassion, and resilience. Practice these things, day by day, little by little with every decision I make and with every conversation I have even when it’s hard. Boy can it be hard, and yes, I am not always successful, and that’s ok. Isn’t the metaphor of comparing life to technology the modern way of explaining our spiritual selves? Aren’t all religious and native beliefs based on the fact that we aren’t our bodies, but we are something more? What is a biological system anyways? Aren’t the questions of life puzzling and expanding at the same time? I think that the more our culture immerses itself into researching technology we have the potential to learn that our biological systems are the only technology we need. Maybe phenomena like telekinesis, spontaneous healing, astral travel and psychic abilities are the birth right of humanity and we are only lacking the user manual and thus we see high instances of depression, mood disorders and a society that values laziness and service to self. I think that the state of our world today is because we have all forgotten what we came with and in order to remember, we must be still and trust that our life will be guided as long as we show the courage and the responsibility it takes to run this technology we ware.

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